Why CareerPlan?

The goal of this portal is to provide useful, reliable, timely and high quality information to millions of young people abroad exploring Australian Education.

In this age of globalisation, education is power, money, prestige and a measure of success. International students look for a range of options to pursue education, and Australia has over 12,000 courses to offer. Yet, most students do not get right information at the right time. If you are considering Australia for education, then CareerPlan is the information portal you must not miss. it is a unique portal on Australian education, and unlike education agents, we are not driven by an interest to take you to a particular college, course or study place.

CareerPlan is maintained by an Australian Company owned by a team of academics, education and career experts, IT professionals, and education journalists. The rich information presented here directly address your questions: whether these are about choosing an educational degree or selecting places to study and live in Australia.

We are an expert advising group to help you: expand your choices, widen your planning horizon, and to help you make an informed decision for yourself on your education and career. Our goal is to empower you with up to date information so you are in control of your destiny.

Our experts have long and wide ranging experiences in advising international students. They have gained rich insights into the problems and challenges international students face while choosing their education and career paths. Our intimate interaction with international students in Australia has motivated us to launch this CareerPlan portal.

Here, you will find unbiased advice that you need. CareerPlan  targets undergraduates and post graduate students from Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and the Americas. CareerPlan is updated daily to provide you up to date information.

You may also like to seek free customised advice from our career experts via email. We are also planning to launch webinar series soon, and also on-demand customised advice on a range of questions you have – from courses to study, to place to live in Australia.

Please get back to us if you have any questions or comments, and you can reach us at: info@careerplan.com.au

The information on this website is managed by Career Plan Group a business name registered in Australia. Career Plan Group (CPG) is a trading name of SD World Pty Ltd registered in Australia.

CareerPlan believes your success is our success.

Thank you.
CareerPlan Group
Sydney, Australia


CareerPlan team

Advisory Group

  • Dr Hemant R Ojha
  • Dr Basundhara Bhattarai
  • Dr Jagannath Adhikari


Editorial Team: 

  • Kushal Pokharel (Nepal)
  • Gita Bhattarai (Nepal)


Digital marketing specialists

  • Mr Santosh Bhattarai
  • Ms Sarita Banjara
  • Ms Tara Bhattarai

Please remember to read our terms and conditions and statement on disclaimer. We believe that you will use the information carefully and judiciously in planning your education. While we take utmost care to present reliable information, we do not guarantee the accuracy, currency and reliability of the information. We do not take any responsibility for any consequences resulting from your use of the information presented here.


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